Easy on Equipment

Turf King Silica is a high quality solution, easy to mix, quick to disperse and friendly on automated spraying equipment. It is also easy to manually apply with spraypack when spot fertilising is necessary.

The Importance of Silicon

Silicon plays an important role in plant physiology. It is widely documented that the range of silicon in plant tissue ranges from 0.1% of dry matter up to as much as 10%. Silicon enters the plant and accumulates around the epidermis of roots and shoots. There it forms a protective gel, and works with other elements to stabilise the plant's cell walls. This in turn endows the plant with the ability to handle a wide range of environmental conditions and stresses. Silicon has the ability to improve plant strength and structure and the advantage of this can be seen through reduced lodging. It is a vital nutrient element.

The Importance of Potassium

Potassium contributes to soil fertility by maintaining favourable soil pH. This in turn is essential for microbial activity as crop residues are converted to organic matter and nutrients are made available to the plant. Soil structure and water holding capacity are also improved with adequate potassium. Soil acidity can restrict crop growth due to increased presence of harmful concentrations of other elements such as iron, aluminium and manganese.


Easy application and compatibility with immediate plant uptake and proven compatibility with a wide range of crop protection chemicals.
Fixes plant nutrient deficiency as it bypasses the micro-nutrient requirements from the soil, instead delivering them through the leaf.
Improved leaf erectness and stem strength that aids the control of iron and manganese toxicity.
Reduced lodging because of the improved cellular structure of the plant.
Bypasses soil deficiency by applying the most efficient method of delivering the plant's immediate nutrition needs through the leaf.
Handles environmental conditions better because it gives the plant more energy to deal with environmental stresses associated with inadequate rainfall, changing weather patterns, variations in soil, pests and other external conditions.
Stronger plants to resist disease as plant and crop safety is ensured by investing greater strength to the plant so that infection from disease and handling can be resisted.
Quality manufacture using superior materials to formulate reliable, stable and trusted products with the highest level of quality control.